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Our Tours are perfectly customized and truly private.  No two tours are exactly the same. We will show all the must-see points and it will be a memorable experience. Our specialty are the many sights most other tours don't include in their set route. We stop frequently and our guests can get out whenever they like, take pictures, and explore the area as long as they want. No rushing because we don't have a tight and restrictive schedule. The Tour Manager will make suggestions regarding timing and itinerary, and our guests always have the option to modify and extend the tour route and tour duration.


For guests that really want to experience San Francisco and California, this is the best way to go. It's the same freestyle as a self-driving tour but without having to drive.

We begin your tour whenever our guests are ready and wherever they are.

It's all flexible freestyle and stress-free

Our tariff  is really simple.  It's $85 per hour, not per person.   This is for the tour, no matter if you bring 5 more guests or are just by yourself. There are no additional taxes or surprise charges. Refreshments we may offer on our tours are included as well. Third party fees, however are not included (admissions, entrance fees, lunch,  etc.)

We can accommodate up to 6 guests. Larger groups are on request. Our transport of choice are mini vans.

We are pretty proud of this   :)

Quick Answers

  • Concept

    Our concept is simple:


    or at least we'll try.

    If your request is possible, ethical, legal, we'll accommodate you. Of course,  there might be some limits.


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  • Tours

    Our tours are totally private, flexible and freestyle. We customize everything to your interest, mood and budget. Most guests ask for tours in and around San Francisco, but we can take you anywhere you like.


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  • Our Team

    We are a great Team and we truly enjoy what we do. Showing you around is just great fun. It's rewarding when we see you smile. We are 4 Tour Managers and a few more in our team as support.


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  • Charge


    We charge $85 per hour

    (not per person)

    1 to 6 guests per tour

    That's it.


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  • Reservation

    We could make our reservations all automatic on our website, but we want to provide a truly personal experience. We really want to speak with you by e-mail or phone.


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  • Tour duration

    Depending on the tour it can take 4 to 14 hours. 4 hrs is our minimum.

    You can begin with 4 hours and extend at any time during your tour.




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  • Tour extension

    Your tour can be as long as you want. It's your tour. We have a 4 hrs minimum but you can extend your tour at any time before or during your tour. In our experience we can't get much done in less then 4 hours, but on request we might be able to go even less.


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  • Tour change

    You can change your tour date, tour destination and number of guests anytime. Within 3 days of your tour there may be a charge. Changes are based on availability. If within the 3-day cancellation period we will try to accommodate your request as well, but can't guarantee it.


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  • Cancellation

    Of course you can cancel your tour. Up to 3 days before your tour we refund your deposit. Within 3 days we may keep the deposit, but your money is not lost. It can be used on a future tour.


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  • Kids

    Kids are fun and we try to make it interesting for them. Depending on the age we may be able to provide a child seat. We can stop at playgrounds and show them some cool places. We try to make it fun for them too.



  • Pets

    We love pets and their owners. On request and after approval you can bring your small pet (usually a small dog). There is a limit for service animals.



  • Wheelchair

    If you need to bring a foldable wheelchair, that's okay. We have room for it. Mobility problems? We will do what it takes to make your tour a very comfortable experience.


  • Talk to us

    We prefer to receive your e-mail. This makes our office work much more efficient.

    For e-mail click here.

    If it's urgent or e-mail isn't  working

    call us:  + 415 . 265 . 1809


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  • Fine print

    We really try to keep our rules simple short and not so much as fine-print.

    Most important for you is probably our cancellation policy which is very generous.


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  • Our license


    Here it is:  TCP 0021796-P


    We are in compliance with the requirements of the CPUC (California Public Utility Commission)


  • On-line res

    Do we provide on-line-reservations?


    We thought about it, but, no.

    We want to provide the person to person communication with you. A real human that you can talk with. We want to customize YOUR tour to YOUR preferences and interests.


    We provide old fashion good service.


  • Join a tour

    Due to the nature of our tours we usually do not merge individual parties. Most of our guest prefer a truly Private Tour. However, if an occasion arises and 2 individual parties agree to join together for one tour, we are happy to accommodate.



  • Smoking

    Can't do it in the van. They don't even have ash treys anymore.


    But we understand!

    We'll stop as often as you want for a cigarette break.

  • Multi-day tour

    Yes, we can arrange tours for you that are longer than 1 day.


    Let's discuss this...



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  • About us

    Silver Lion Service was founded 1979 for operating a guest hours including private sightseeing tours throughout California......


  • Other services

    We can do almost anything.

    If it's possible, ethical and legal.

    WE DO IT !


    Imagination is the limit !